Noida Info: Metro Stations in Noida

Noida is one of the Few Cities in India which has an extensive Metro Rail network. The Metro rail in Noida started on 12th Nov 2009. The Metro stations in Noida fall under three categories i.e Blue Line, Magenta Line & Aqua line.  Let’s have a look in detail at all three lines.

Development of Noida Metro

Noida Metro

Initially, Noida has six metro Stations connected to Delhi Metro Blue Line. Blue Line’s Second Phase started operations on 9th March 2019 & added Six more stations. Magenta line of Delhi Metro started running between Botanical Garden to Kalkaji on 25th December 2017. After May 2018 line got extended to Janakpuri West in Delhi. It has 2 Stations in Noida. The Aqua line is also known as Noida Metro which runs fronectim Noida to Greater Noida Started on 25th January 2019. It has a total of 21 Metro Stations. Now Metro connects almost all the sectors of Noida.


Blue Line – Metro Stations in Noida

The Blue Line of the Delhi Metro system starts from the Dwarka Sector 21, Delhi to Noida Electronic City. It has 12 stations in Noida. The First Phase started on 12th Nov 2009 (From Dwarka to Noida City Centre) & the second phase Started Operating on 9th March 2019 ( City Centre to Noida Electronic City). The name of the stations is as follows. 

  1. Noida Electronic City
  2. Sector 62
  3. Sector 59
  4. Sector 61
  5. Sector 52  (connection with Sector 51 Noida Metro Aqua line)
  6. Sector 34
  7. Noida City Centre
  8. Golf Course
  9. Botanical Garden (an interchange with Delhi Metro Magenta Line)
  10. Sector 18
  11. Sector 16                      
  12. Sector 15

Magenta Line – Metro Stations in Noida

The Magenta Line of the Delhi Metro, Starts from Janakpuri West in Delhi to Botanical Garden Noida. It started Operation 25th December 2017 from Botanical Garden to Kalkaji & then the second stage to Janakpuri west from 29th May 2018. This line consists of 25 Stations in which 3 Metro sections are in Noida city. The stations are as follows

  1. Kalindi Kunj
  2. Okhla Bird Sanctuary
  3. Botanical Garden ( Inter Connected to Delhi Metro Blue Line)

Aqua Line – Metro Stations in Noida

The Aqua line is also known as Noida Metro which runs from Noida to Greater Noida Started on 25th January 2019. It consists of 21 metro stations from Sector 51 in Noida to Depot metro station in Greater Noida. 15 stations in Noida & 6 stations in Greater Noida. The stations are as follows

  1. Sector 51 ( an interchange with Delhi Metro Blue Line)
  2. Sector 50
  3. Sector 76
  4. Sector 101
  5. Sector 81
  6. NSEZ
  7. Sector 83
  8. Sector 137
  9. Sector 142
  10. Sector 143
  11. Sector 144
  12. Sector 145
  13. Sector 146
  14. Sector 147
  15. Sector 148
  16. Knowledge Park II, Greater Noida
  17. Pari Chowk
  18. Alpha 1
  19. Delta 1
  20. GNIDA Office
  21. Depot
Train Times of Aqua Line: 06:00 Hrs. (Depot Station and Sec-51 Station) Monday to Saturday. / 08:00 Hrs On Sunday

City & Feeder Buses.

Noida Metro In the first phase introduced 50 AC CNG buses, low-floor buses are being operated on 6 routes. Noida and Greater Noida authorities were given the responsibility of running the City Bus Service to facilitate the passengers from sectors far away from the stations.

BUS TIMING:  22:00 Hrs. (Depot Station and Sec-51 Station) All days.

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